James Brosnan Returns to Islanders

The Cape Cod Islanders are pleased to announce that James Brosnan has agreed to return for a second season in the black and gold.  Brosnan the six foot three 200 pound center is looking to improve on a season where he showed glimpses of being a dominant player at the tier three level.  Over the course of the season Brosnan found himself in many different situations, he started the season as fourth line center and was able to work his way up the line up as the season progressed.  "I was able to use James in a lot of different scenarios last season" former head coach Dan Hodge said "he had his moments where he showed what an elite player he can be.  He has the size and the ability to play in college, he just needs to believe himself and push his limits to be the best player he can."

Brosnan was in a unique situation last season, he was the only player that was still attending high school and it forced him to miss practice time and off ice workouts.  "It was really hard for him to adjust and pick up on our systems.  I am really looking forward to seeing him this season as hockey will be his main focus." Hodge said 

New Islanders head coach Jay Punsky was happy to hear of Brosnan's resigning "I am looking forward to working with James this season.  I watched him play last year and was impressed with how well he moved on the ice for such a big guy.  He has all the makings of being a real good power forward for us."

The Islanders are currently looking for housing families for the 2015-16 season.  If you are interested please contact Dan Hodge at daniel.hodge22@gmail.com.