Islanders Sign Goaltender Jonathan Stone

The Cape Cod Islanders took a major step forward to shoring up the position of goaltender today with the signing of Jonathan Stone, who joins fellow goatender Anton Zemba as the men between the pipes this year.  Stone was a standout for the St. Lawrence Thunder at Nationals this past winter.  It was his big game presence that first struck head coach Jay Punsky's eye.  "The bigger the game the harder this guy battled" Punsky said "he has a proven track record of success while playing in games that matter most."

The signing of Jonathan Stone puts coach Punsky in a situation that every coach desires and detests all in one.  He has to decide which goalie to go with on a game to game basis. "I am very lucky to have two goalies who will give us a chance to win every night.  They both are driven to be the best they can and that will push the other to be better, which is better for us as a team."

"Stone is a very technically sound goaltender with a great work ethic.  We are fortunate to have him on the roster and I expect great things from Jonathan this season."  Punsky said