Frankie Oakley Returns to Islanders

Frankie Oaklety has been a member of the Islanders for the past two seasons, today he agreed to play one more season and finish off his junior career on Cape Cod.  It has been an interesting first two seasons for Oakley who came from being a role player for Barnstable to being a top six forward for the Islanders. 

"I think when Frankie got here he was not sure what to expect.  He came from Barnstable where he didn't play in a ton of situations and you could see he lacked confidence in his game."  former coach Dan Hodge said  "As our season rolled on, he got more and more comfortable with me and my system and was able to become into a guy I used in different situations.  He was a very emotional player in that first season and those emotions really took away from his on ice production."

During the 2014-15 season, Oakley was able to improve his game and contribute offensively with four goals and seven assists.  He racked up 100 penlty minutes over the season. 

This season, Oakley will be the senior player on the team, he will be a guy the Islanders will rely heavily on for leadership.  "Frankie will be a guy I want to give a lot of responsibilty to this season." coach Jay Punsky said  "He has to lead us in a positive way and make this season the best of his career."

Hodge added "we need the best Frankie Oakley we can get.  This is a huge year for him and we can't wait to see how he responds to this challenge.  We have confidence in him and know he's going to answer the bell this season."